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Participate in the ELAN French Immersion Programme

The ELAN Scholarship and Immersion Programme is a golden opportunity for GCE A level and CAPE 2 graduates from the OECS or holders of any other qualification equivalent to that of the French Baccalaureate to improve their command of French, thus facilitating access to higher education in the French territories of the region.

In order to register at a French higher education institution, students must have at least B2 proficiency in the language based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). ELAN provides students with the required level, who apply to the Université des Antilles through the French Embassy in Saint Lucia, or to a higher education institution in Martinique, the possibility of benefiting from a scholarship of 700 € per month.

In an effort to reach a wider audience, a pilot project also allows GCE A level and CAPE 2 holders who have attained A2 or B1 proficiency in French, to integrate an immersion programme, in order to improve their command of the language and to facilitate access to higher education.

The project gives B1 students the opportunity to participate in an immersion programme in Martinique, in order to sit the B2 exam and to register at the Université des Antilles (Martinique or Guadeloupe) or any other higher education institution in Martinique. Selected students can benefit from a scholarship of 700 € per month for the duration of the immersion programme and also for the first year of studies.

Students who have A2 proficiency in French have the possibility of attending classes at the Alliance Française of their home country, in order to sit the DELF B1 exam and to integrate the B1 immersion programme.


To be considered for the immersion programme, you must:

  • Be a citizen of an OECS Member State
  • Have your usual residence in one of the English-speaking OECS Member States
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 30 years old
  • Be at least a holder of GCE A level or CAPE 2
  • Have a certified A2 or B1 proficiency level in French
  • Have a motivated intention to pursue studies at the Université des Antilles in Martinique or Guadeloupe or at a higher education institution of the Académie de Martinique
  • Submit a completed form with the required supporting documents as set out in the ELAN Immersion Programme Application Form

How to apply

A2 and B1 applicants are required to apply to the immersion programme by downloading and filling out the ELAN Immersion Programme Application Form.

Completed applications must be emailed to:  and  before the date mentioned on the form. Please note that the pages with your signature must be returned scanned.

Qualified applicants will be invited to an interview for selection.

For more information on ELAN scholarships:

For more information on ELAN scholarships:

Contact us


ELAN project coordinator,
Chargée de mission at the DAREIC
Académie de Martinique

Rectorat de Terreville – Hauts de Terreville
97233 SCHOELCHER – Martinique

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Campus France

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