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Financial aid for your stay abroad

Long-term study scholarship

The ELAN Project facilitates access to higher education:

  • by granting a scholarship of 700 € per month to selected applicants for the first year of study or for the immersion programme in the French West Indies;
  • by partially covering travel expenses through a flat-rate travel subsidy, calculated according to the country of origin and the destination.

The study exhange grant

Study exchanges allow students to spend a semester or a year abroad at a partner university and to gain credits for courses completed at the host institution.

As part of the ELAN project, students who participate in a study exchange programme in one of the partner institutions in the Caribbean can benefit from a mobility grant of € 700 per month and a one-time flat-rate travel subsidy.

Internship mobility grant

A professional internship allows you to enrich your experience and is sometimes required or highly recommended in order to complete your degree.

The ELAN project gives you the opportunity to expand your internship options and discover the working environement of another country in the region, while strengthening your language skills.

Students who carry out an internship in one of the partner countries can apply for a mobility grant of 700 € per month, a one-time flat-rate travel subsidy and administrative support.

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ELAN project coordinator,
Chargée de mission at the DAREIC
Académie de Martinique

Rectorat de Terreville – Hauts de Terreville
97233 SCHOELCHER – Martinique

+596 596 52 25 11
+596 696 03 86 62


Project Manager
« Communication and Higher Education »,
GIP-FCIP of the Académie de Martinique