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Financial aid

Within the framework of your mobility programme, you may be able to benefit from financial assistance of 700 € per month and a flat-rate travel subsidy based on the destination.

Travel assistance based on country of origin and destination

Destination/ Origin Martinique Adjusted package €
Antigua & Barbuda 440
Barbados 400
Dominica (ferry) 80
Grenada 360
Haiti/Gpe/Mqe 570
Jamaica 1 060
Montserrat – no regular service Antigua rate applies 440
St Kitts & Nevis 430
St. Lucia (ferry) 80
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines 420
Trinidad & Tobago 460

 « The one-time fixed rate travel subsidy is equal to approximately 80% of a round-trip ticket, including luggage, estimated on the basis of public rates available in September 2019.».


If you are a young professional or vocational trainee and you are 40 years old or under, you may be able to benefit from financial assistance with ELAN to participate in an internship mobility in the Caribbean.

To be considered for assistance, you must:

  •  Sign an internship agreement with a host company / organization or be accepted at a training center in one of the partner countries of the cooperation area;
  • Have a mobility project with a minimum duration of 3 months and maximum 6 months in the host country, approved by your training organization or the appropriate authority in your country of origin;
  • Have a concrete plan of activities to be undertaken upon returning to your country;
  • Have an appropriate level in the language of the host country (understanding of instructions and ability to express yourself orally)
  • Reside in one of the territories of the cooperation zone at the time of application

Destinations and territories in the cooperation area

How to proceed

Step 1

Find a professional internship by consulting the offers available in the Caribbean.

Step 2

Speak to a representative at your training institution or the Pôle Emploi agent (for trainees from Martinique) that you are attached to, as well as the cooperation and employability services of the Committee of Communities corresponding to your place of residence or the local Mission you are reporting to. With their approval, send your CV and cover letter to the host company or organization that you are interested in.

Step 3

Once your offer has been accepted, apply for financial aid by completing the application form

Step 4

Send the completed form with the requested documents to and

Step 5

A selection committee will evaluate your application and you will be informed of the decision via email without delay.

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