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French Teachers (French as a Foreign Language)

Are you a French teacher in a primary school located in the ELAN cooperation zone ?

Do you want to improve your French, while enriching your teaching practices/ methods and your educational resources?

A workshop is available to teachers with an advanced Intermediate level (B1). The workshop will take place during the “Primtemps des poètes” in March 2020 and March 2021 at the INSPE in Martinique. You may be able to benefit from financial assistance with ELAN by having your travel and educational expenses covered for a mobility stay in Martinique.

Are you a French teacher in a primary or secondary school or a Community College located in the ELAN cooperation zone?

  • You can search for a partner class to work with in Martinique.
  • You can also benefit from financial support from ELAN to help set up an educational project or to participate in a project with a partner class.
  • You can validate your language skills and those of your students through a DELF certification. Training modules and workshops are scheduled to be organized in collaboration with the Alliances françaises of the Lesser Antilles;

If you are a French teacher at a Community College in the region or in the French Department of UWI, Universitié de Quisqueya in Haiti, Universitié d’Etat d’Haiiti, or Université des Antilles:

You can conduct study visits, participate in seminars and co-construct educational resources with the teaching and academic communities of Martinique or Guadeloupe. Your travel and educational expenses could be largely covered by the ELAN project.

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ELAN project coordinator,
Chargée de mission at the DAREIC
Académie de Martinique

Rectorat de Terreville – Hauts de Terreville
97233 SCHOELCHER – Martinique

+596 596 52 25 11
+596 696 03 86 62


Project Manager
« Communication and Higher Education »,
GIP-FCIP of the Académie de Martinique