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The study exchange grant

Study exchanges allow students to spend a semester or a year abroad at a partner university and to gain credits for courses completed at the host institution.

As part of the ELAN project, students who participate in a study exchange programme in one of the partner institutions in the Caribbean can benefit from a mobility grant of € 700 per month and a one-time flat-rate travel subsidy.

Support for beneficiaries of the ELAN mobility grant will be provided in order to facilitate administrative procedures and the integration of beneficiaries in the host country in connection with the Office of International Student Services. Tips are available on the website:

By participating in a study exchange programme in the Caribbean, you will be able to:

  • Travel to a nearby destination and gain exposure to an international environment
  • Improve your language proficiency
  • Discover another Caribbean country and its culture
  • Improve your knowledge of your geographical area
  • Enrich your CV with strong personal skills (autonomy, adaptation, organization …) and discover another educational system
  • Benefit from administrative and financial support with ELAN

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for an ELAN mobility grant you must:

  • be enrolled in a higher education institution
  • be accepted in an exchange programme at the Université des Antilles (for students from UWI or from one of the Haitian universities) or be accepted in an exchange programme at UWI or at one of the Haitian universities (for students from the Université des Antilles)
  • Have a minimum B1 level in the language of the target country
  • Plan your semester or year abroad with the international relations representative at your home institution.

Partner universities

The application for a study mobility grant is open to students from the University of the Caribbean on mobility to one of the partner universities and to students from the partner universities on mobility to the University of the Caribbean.

How to apply

Step 1

Speak to a representative at the Office of International Sstudent Services at your home institution for more information on its cooperation agreements and partnerships, the application procedure, and the study abroad calendar.

Step 2

Once you have applied and have been accepted by the partner institution, you can apply for an ELAN grant by emailing the completed grant application form, along with the required documents to the following addresses: and

Please note that the pages with your signature must be returned scanned. Ensure that the form is properly filled in, signed and that it is submitted along with the required documents at least 2 months before your scheduled departure.

Step 3

A Selection Committee will evaluate your application and you will be informed of the decision via email without delay.

Outbound mobility (from Guadeloupe or Martinique)

Application form for an outbound mobility grant

Grant programme managed by the GIP-FCIP of the Académie de Martinique.

Inbound mobility (towards Guadeloupe or Martinique)

Application form for an inbound mobility grant

Grant programme managed by Campus France

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