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Reflection of ELAN Immersion Program in retrospect of journal entry dated: March 5th 2020

Far beyond giving much needed enlightenment on my prescribed career path, this program has produced within me a change of perspective, as I searched within myself, reassessed and reanalyzed preconceived notions. I mostly appreciated the nature of our lessons, as they delved into legitimate issues of life. This for me was a predominant factor, aside from accomplishing my academic goals. Certain topics forced me to reflect on many of the unresolved issues in my life.

I have always dreamt of being a teacher. This desire ignited within me the passion and determination to work rigorously and to maximize every opportunity granted. Having been asked the question “who is your superhero?” as a child, my response was “my teacher because she teaches me lots of things”. If asked again, my response would be the same. As I matured into adulthood, these very same characteristics seemed to have followed me. Many of my professors have imparted upon my life valuable lessons. For this reason, I aspired to become a teacher. I am a very assiduous and charitable individual who seeks daily to improve the circumstances around me. Throughout my life I have had few role models however, that propelled me in the direction positivity and success.


I am determined to work hard and achieve the goals that I have set. These include imparting knowledge, inspiring young minds, igniting zeal and enthusiasm in students just as my teachers did for me. I embraced every opportunity for self-development hence, when informed of the openings for the ELAN immersion program I applied without hesitation. A lesson geared at learning grammatical concepts with reference to the poem Capelin by Abd al Malik stood out for me. I clearly remember understanding the concept during the group tasks. However, the dreaded moment came when the teacher instructed us to recreate our own piece using the same theme of the poem. I felt challenged every time I was required to reflect on my personal life. I then realized that in order to fulfill my dreams I needed Tranquility.

In essence the ELAN immersion program has been more than just an educational journey. It has evoked a sense of identity and self-examination. This program has helped in building a strong foundation for my future. It has developed my critical thinking skills as well as decision making skill. This has truly been an invaluable experience which will launch me in the trajectory of success.

Michelle CELISE