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It’s the joli mois de l’Europe in the Caribbean

This year, May is the month when cooperation is celebrated, with the beginning of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States OECS on one hand and with the “joli mois de l’Europe” [beautiful month of Europe] on the other hand, the French annual celebration of the cooperation projects carried out by the European Union (EU). Thanks to programmes such as INTERREG Caraïbes and projects such as ELAN, both Europe and the Caribbean meet with a common objective in mind: how to make a significant positive impact in people’s lives through cooperation?

Well, here we have perfect illustrations and tangible ideas of what this means to an ELAN beneficiary. See below the portrait of Kannelle Hughes, a French Caribbean national from St Martin, who was able to study in the English-speaking Caribbean as well as getting an in-depth first-hand professional experience as well. She tells us about her experiences in St Lucia and Jamaica, as well as what it means to her to be European in the Caribbean.